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"Excellent. Very useful. Trainers were engaging and enthusiastic."


Southern Rail Training

"Absolutely loved the hands-on experience. We can search and watch anything on YouTube these days but to actually do chest compressions and operate the defib machines were good experiences and reassuring."


Southern Rail Training

"I thought it was amazing - information was clear and the practical side gave me confidence to know what I need to do if this situation arises."


Southern Rail Training

"Thought the session was really really good. Gave a lot of confidence if I ever find myself in that situation. Wish I had done it sooner."


Southern Rail Training

"informative and simple to understand."


Southern Rail Training

"Very informative and good to be working with Mannequins."


Southern Rail Training

"It was a really worthwhile training session and very informative. always good to learn new skills especially to do with health."


Southern Rail Training

"Would just like to report that the Lifesaving //first aid session run by MeonValley Heartstart went very well last night. 24 attendees were treated. To a slick and very hands-on presentation by two professionals. Gerald Pilkington who lives in Petersfield, and Geraint Morton a consultant cardiologist. Who had already done a full day down at QA!!  They gave us two and a half hours and although much was revision, the time flew by."


Sheet Village Hall

"I wanted to thank you again for the training and the time you spent with us on Saturday.  Not only was it a very worthwhile session for its own sake, but we also found the day an excellent community building experience for all of us who took part.  Several participants also said that they learnt a lot more than they had in any of their previous first aid/CPR training sessions.  Thank you!  And thanks also to Heartstart for facilitating the training for us, it’s very much appreciated."

Natasha Heny

Caretaker-Warden/Admin Assistant

Friends' Meeting House

"I just wanted to contact you to thank you and your team for your amazing hard work at the end of the last academic year at the school.  As ever, your delivery and service was second to none.  I can't tell you how much we value your input every three years.  The children and staff gain so much from your work and they were buzzing after the sessions they undertook."

Hook with Warsash Church of England Academy

"This was a great initiative."

"I love it that you've taught teenagers these skills. My son really enjoyed the sessions too."

"Brilliant training!"

Brookfield School, Citizenship Leader
following training for all Year 8 & 9 pupils (750 in total)

“Thank you for organising the CPR training Session. We thought the mix of Videos, David's thorough explanations and demonstrations worked extremely well and three hours flew by.

Could you pass on our thanks to David who has truly found his vocation and please include us in any refresh sessions in future."

September 2021

"Thank you so much for the session, it was superb and immensely informative but in a really absorbable way.

I am very grateful, although I hope I never have to put this into practice, but the experience with the CPR and Defibrillator, in particular, will reduce my concern that I could actually try to contribute in an emergency. It was completely excellent!"

September 2021

"The thing I found most confidence building for me was the defibrillator try out. I had always seen it on the wall before and been very uncertain what to do if it was needed.  To know that you only have to open it and then it will talk you through the very simple process was transformational. Just excellent"

September 2021

Thank you for your time and effort in presenting Heartstart to our Community, it was truly excellent. My wife and I got so much out of the session and although, we hope we will never need to use our new skills, it’s comforting to know, we will be so much more strongly placed, if we do”.

July 2021

“Thank you all so  much for such an informative evening last night.  I certainly came away with much for knowledge and understanding with how to deal with various incidents that could arise at any time.  I will certainly recommend the course to everyone I speak to and only wish I had more than £10 in my purse to donate to such a great organisation”.

July 2021


“Thank you for your time and effort in presenting Heartstart to our Community, it was truly excellent. My wife and I got so much out of the session and although, we hope we will never need to use our new skills, it’s comforting to know, we will be so much more strongly placed, if we do”.

"The Zoom course you did for us was brilliant - thank you so much. You tailored the course to the specific first aid area that we wanted to cover (choking) and we both felt so much more confident afterwards.


Our son unfortunately choked on a piece of meat recently, and with your training we managed the situation and were quickly able to dislodge the meat.


We will certainly be doing the full course as I would like to practice the practical techniques on the dummies (that would be provided).


Thank you so much to you  and the Heartstart Team for giving training on invaluable life saving skills."

September 2020


 "Our very sincere thanks for the emergency life saving skills sessions that you ran for Bishop's Waltham cubs.  We had tremendous feedback from the groups and it is so important that they not only learn these skills, but also receive regular updates. So we will look at a repeat session in about 18 months if that is OK; perhaps more advanced for those who attended this time around and basic for new joiners."

November 2019

"I have done a few first aid courses over the years and I really liked the way this one was delivered – keeping you fully engaged and creating good interaction with no one “hiding in the corner” but happily joining in. We had 100% positive feed back and I am sure that the valuable skills learnt will stay with everyone for many years to come."

October 2019

"Many thanks to Meon Valley Heartstart for putting on our courses last week.  They were very well attended and the feedback from the people taking the courses was excellent (enjoyable, informative, well delivered and well worth doing were the comments)". 

October 2019

"Fantastic and hands-on,  everyone enjoyed the session"

July 2019


"I am sorry it has taken me so long to email you and Steve to thank you for the fantastic session you did at the Brickworks last month. I really enjoyed the session and got brilliant feedback from my volunteers too.  Many thanks for the Certificates which are much appreciated.


I have done a short write up for this months eNewsletter so fingers crossed you get more enquiries. "

Mary Flinn, July 2019

"Thank you for arranging Janice and Di to conduct training for us last Saturday. We all really enjoyed our morning and I have had nothing but positive feedback from all those involved.  


We are now minded to go ahead with installing a Defibrillator on the side of the building."

July 2019

"I just wanted to say how much we enjoyed/learned from the HeartStart evening at the Stables.  All your team made it an enjoyable evening whilst learning some invaluable information which my 14 year old daughter and myself got a lot out of."

​June 2019

"I just wanted to drop you and your team a short line to thank you for your time and great tuition the other night. Both Beverley and I found it very informative and also very well presented. It was interesting to see how many people have experienced a patient requiring help and indeed being a patient."

June 2019

“As a complete novice to the process I had much to learn and assimilate. However, the information and training imparted by David and Roy over the evening was interesting, thorough-out and given with much enthusiasm. The crucial element of having two extremely experienced professionals giving a very fluid presentation, interspersed with practical examples citing their own hands on experience was pretty compelling stuff. I felt it covered all the initial questions  I would have asked, and much more. Additionally, our own practical involvement really helped me understand the operational aspects of the process and highlighted the physical effort required. Essential know how!

Well done David and Roy! Thank you once again”.

May 2019


"Thank you so much for the excellent session you did with the guides last week. They really enjoyed it and we were glad to revise their first aid skills as part of their first aid badge."

April 2019

"Thank you for the first aid course yesterday.  I thought the course was great - informative, well delivered and above all useful".

March 2019

"I did a first aid course with Roy last June.  I had to use first aid on a man who collapsed in Romsey a couple of weeks ago.  Without the training from Roy I wouldn't have known what to do or how to help".

February 2019

“Please can you pass on my thanks to Sandy and Steve for the excellent course they ran tonight”.

February 2019

“I recently took part in one of your sessions held at SSE in Havant. Firstly I would like to thank you for the excellent session. I found it very useful and informative and as a first aider it really helped me top up my knowledge and confidence in what is such an important subject. 


I’d like to shout from the rooftops to my colleges with SSE about how useful I found the session with a view that other sites may think about hosting one of your sessions”

February 2019

"Just wanted to thank you for the session yesterday. I really enjoyed it and went home to practice the recovery position."

February 2019

"I attended a really fantastic Heart Start session at Bartley Village Hall a
couple of weeks back. An amazing session ran by Roy off the back of our
neighbourhood watch.  I have never had any training of this type... And it was perfect - a great session. I was first on the scene of a bad road traffic accident a few years back and wished I had had some training before then."

November 2018

"We just wanted to thank you again for setting up the Heartstart course which was excellent, really valuable.   We very much appreciated your time and effort in making it happen."

November 2018

"Meon Valley Heartstart have now provided four training sessions in CPR and other forms of life saving skills to members of our tennis club.  In organising and attending these sessions, I have been hugely impressed by the thoroughness and professionalism shown by the team.  They have given unstintingly and voluntarily of their time, both in preparing for the sessions and in their delivery.  They have captured the attention and imagination of the participants, about 60 in all, with excellent communication skills and opportunities for practical exercises (including CPR with dummies).  Our club has members ranging from the early years up to their 80s, and the possibility of the need for CPR in the course of energetic games is very real.  So to have a good number of members trained and confident in CPR and other life saving skills is a source of reassurance, and could save lives either at on the courts or in the course of members’ live generally.  Thank you very much."

October 2018

"A big thank you to you and your team for a great session last night, everybody was very happy with the way it went and gave good feedback and I think went away feeling much more confident on dealing with an emergency situation.  By the number that have requested to come to the longer course they are very keen to continue to learn."

September 2018

"I recently attended a Heartstart Training course at my local golf club in case of  any emergency that may have occurred whilst out on the course,  but little did I  expect to have to use these skills on my lifelong friend of 64 years.  Unfortunately my friend Dave recently suffered a stroke and, to help in his recovery, I undertook to take him out on a weekly  basis. Dave's stroke left him with no taste and difficulty in swallowing and, while in a restaurant on one of our trips, Dave began to choke on a chip which had become lodged in his windpipe.  To my horror he was unable to cough it up.  Thanks to HEARTSTART I was able to deal with the situation and save the life of a valued friend. If therefore like me you have the opportunity to attend a HEARTSTART course then don't delay."                  

August 2018


"Thank you once more for a well-delivered training course.  It is a very good thing for our community that you and people like you are willing to give so freely of your time and expertise. We now have over 30 of our members trained and if there is enough interest maybe we can consider another course in the Autumn?"

March 2018

"Just want to say a big thank you for giving such an interesting talk to our club. We have had a lot of very positive feed-back from our members, and it would be great if you could come next year and give us the follow-up talk we discussed. We will be sorting out the dates nearer to the end of the year, so I will come back to you when we have some definite dates."

February 2018

"Just wanted to say thank you very much for a fantastic session last night. It was informative, entertaining and really eye-opening. In the past I have found first aid really overwhelming and not remembered much at all but I know I will remember much of what you taught us last night! My confidence has really grown already and I’ve not felt that before. I like how there was a range of ways to help us remember the info (videos, interactive, anecdotal stories, the posters at the front, you talking, plus the booklet to take away) I’m a new Mum and it was an evening out for me to escape on my own and use my brain for something other than changing nappies so it was very worthwhile and enjoyable! I really admire all you and the community responders do. I have already recommended the course to my friends and I would be very happy to do it again with them."

November 2017


"Just wanted to say thanks for the great session at Swanmore yesterday evening.  It was a real tour de force on your part, especially having been in an emergency situation yourself only recently. 

It was all very clear and delivered with a good dose of humour with the opportunity for each of us to have a go ourselves.  I will read the booklet a few times and hope the information sticks!  Your comment about children remembering it better than adults is very true.  At 83 I am increasingly conscious of that."

November 2017


"It was a very good course and I feel confident that I could have a go at saving someone or trying which I wouldn't have before."

August 2017


"I wanted to thank you and Janice so much for a very informative and necessary training in CPR last week at Sheet Village Hall.  It is a brilliant initiative and we are so lucky to be offered this training and by experts. I really enjoyed your approach which was totally professional yet reassuring and encouraging. I appreciate very much your efforts and time in instructing groups such as ours in the community. Well done and thank you." 

July 2017


"Wow aren't you the talk of the town (well pre school)!!! The children loved it and the parents are so impressed, in fact so impressed we have been asked if we can book for next years leavers!! So please can I book more dates." 

June 2017


"What a wonderful programme you gave us last evening at Sheet. My wife and I were very impressed with your informative presentation and we certainly learnt a valuable skill. Thank you for all your efforts and  for answering all the  questions in such a friendly manner." 

June 2017

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