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Training for groups and organisations

"I really admire all you and the community responders do. I have already recommended the course to my friends and I would be very happy to do it again"

With experience in training people of all ages, we are ideally placed to offer free sessions to playgroups, libraries, Brownies, Cubs as well as adult interest groups and organisations.


With younger children we concentrate on how to approach a medical emergency safely, how to call for an ambulance and how to put someone into the recovery position in a session that lasts no longer than an hour.


For older children, we cover how to deal with serious bleeding and choking and how to recognize the signs of a heart attack.  We also teach CPR and introduce defibrillation.


Adult courses will cover the content described on our About page - click here.

Group training phots

N/A means no dates are currently scheduled - please get in touch to arrange a session.

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