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Online Courses

Training is free, online and available to any member of the public. 


Our Online Training takes around 2 - 2.5 hours and you are able to start and stop whenever you choose, to fit in around other commitments.


The course is delivered through PowerPoint with a range of theory and videos, with no previous experience/ knowledge required.  You do not need any specific software on your computer - the whole course is delivered through your usual web browser (Chrome, Explorer, Safari, etc.) and can be accessed on a laptop, PC or tablet.  The course cannot be accessed on a mobile phone.

When you register for online training, you will be able to access the contact details of an experienced instructor so you can ask specific questions by email or telephone, or even schedule a Zoom session so you can have a chat online.


At the end of the training, we ask you to submit some brief feedback and your contact details so that we can send your certificate.

Our course covers the DRsABCD approach to a medical emergency and includes precautions to take as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic.




Shout for Help



Calling 999 & CPR


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